"A place where meaning reveals hidden contents,
where small things reveal bigger ones,
where space for wonder opens onto life."

Daniele Zambelli

Simmetrico Cultura designs, builds and manages touring exhibitions in Italy and abroad. Its projects involve cultural communication and are centred around man, his values and the relationships between the contexts in which the works originated and then reached us. They are unexpected and captivating experiences, set up in experiential spaces, where wonder is the tool that gives access to knowledge and different perspectives.

Simmetrico Cultura’s exhibitions are based on unseen narrative concepts, on meticulous historical and scientific research, integration between languages and disciplines, and the natural appeal of sensory experiences.

Thanks to digital strategies, which connect the interactive contents of the exhibition with the internet and mobile applications, visitors are accompanied along a route of detailed learning. This access to social media allows visitors to share the experience in real time with their social networks, thereby creating communities that prolong the impact of the exhibitions.

I progetti di Simmetrico cultura

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