Quality Policy

Simmetrico, whose high standards of quality are well-known on the market, has extended its range of action and grown very rapidly. In order to maintain the high standards of such an increasingly extensive and complex organisation, and with the aim to satisfy customers, Simmetrico has decided to adopt a Quality System by means of which greater efficiency, efficacy and reliability of its services are sought while maintaining and increasing its competitiveness on the market.
In this context, Simmetrico considers the following to be its priorities:

  1. The correct and complete description of the Client’s requirements, which will be translated into parameters that can be checked in the Society’s documents in order to guarantee that these requirements may be met more and more satisfactorily.
  2. Optimising the resources used to carry out the service in terms of time and quantity. This aim can be achieved by:
    • planning the necessary activity and resources;
    • selecting the personnel and suppliers assigned to the various activities;
    • continually improving the Quality System and services offered;
    • using procedures, operative instructions and predefined forms;
    • checking that procedures are respected by means of internal inspections (VII).
  3. The reduction of non-conformities in the services offered that give rise to inefficiency and a lack of reliability in carrying out the service. This aim may be achieved by:
    • notifying non-conformities in writing systematically;
    • individuating the causes of non-conformities and elaborating corrective actions;
    • dealing with them quickly and correctly;
    • systematically checking the assigned documents while the service is being carried out and before they are released;
    • effecting final evaluations at the end of the service.

Simmetrico has chosen to pursue the above-mentioned objectives by setting up a management system that conforms to the model indicated in norm UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.
This quality policy is notified to the public on the Simmetrico company website so that it may be shared by all the parties interested in the services provided and in their production.

Quality Control System
Certified ISO 9001 by SAI GLOBAL

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