Pompeii beyond its archaeological dimension,
as seen through the eyes of the great artists who visited the site.

The importance of Pompeii as a keeper of Western culture: from Canova to Freud and from Goethe to Picasso.

A project for cultural communication that goes beyond the archaeological aspect to illustrate the site’s ever current value, together with over ten thousand images from the Archivio Fotografico Foglia (Foglia Photographic Archive).

A detailed documentation of the work produced by artists and intellectuals who over the centuries were inspired by the eternal city, presented through their imagined travel journals, which contain notes, sketches, drawings and which, by using vertical touch screens, one can scroll through, select and project.

It is an experiential exhibition route, accompanied by installations that facilitate active participation with the displays, starting with the first room, which invites visitors to “slow down” so that they can be fully absorbed by the experience. 
 The exhibition ends with sections for further learning, with virtual reconstructions where visitors can have a first hand experience of the ruins and where they are invited to interact with their networks, so that they become perfect ambassadors for the eternal value of Pompeii.

Exhibition facts
Traveling Exhibition Period 3-6 months
Space Required and ceiling height A modular structure that is fitted and easily transportable
Installation Under supervision by Simmetrico
Integrated digital strategy Multichannel solutions in the Pre Event; involvement of the public during the exhibition with the integration of interactive contents and web and mobile applications to create a durable community with the users.
Support Materials Strategic marketing and promotional plans, catalog, merchandising, educational activities guide
Costs For information write to cultura@simmetrico.it