A football match that perfectly unites actions, values and emotions
which have managed to bring classes and generations together under one faith.

One hundred and fifty years of history, emotions and passions along with a collection of over 300 thousand objects that is the only one of its kind in the world: the World Football Collection.

An ideal match created by combining the most important and glorious episodes in the history of football: from Pelé’s friendly match in 1967 that brought an end to a civil war, to the last enthralling minutes of the final between Brazil and Uruguay during the 1950 World Cup which brought profound desperation to an entire nation. Then there was the goal of the century scored by Maradona in 1986, the real football of the first World Cup, the Manchester United jerseys worn by David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo and the one worn by Roberto Baggio for his last match, not to mention the original World Cup trophy.

Always Believe is a football stadium with many terraces: an exhibition route that is inspired by the hexagonal pattern on a football, designed to last as long as a real football match, with video installations and audio clips that create an absorbing experience for the visitor.

Exhibition facts
Traveling exhibition period 3-6 months
Space required and ceiling height A modular structure that is fitted and easily transportable
Installation Under supervision by Simmetrico staff
Integrated digital strategy Multichannel solutions in the Pre Event; involvement of the public during the exhibition with the integration of interactive contents and web and mobile applications to create a durable community with the users.
Support Materials Strategic marketing and promotional plans, Catalog, merchandising, educational activities guide
Costs For information write to