“Nikolaj Kuznetzov. The man. The legend.” is an exhibition dedicated to the new generations. It tells of a 20th-century hero engaging the public with advanced interactive and immersive technologies.

In the museum complex “Russia, my history”, Ekaterinburg, on commission by the Saint Catherine Foundation, Illogic Srl and Simmetrico designed and realized the thematic exhibition “Nikolai Kuznetzov. The man. The legend.”. The exhibition celebrates the Soviet hero who was a secret agent and a partisan in the Ukrainian territories occupied by Nazis during WWII. For the purposes of the exhibition, Simmetrico conceived an immersive environment, rich in innovative technological elements and which fully exploits the peculiarity of the triangular space. The exhibition shows a twofold narration: on the one side, telling of the secret agent, Nikolaj Kuznetzov, with his skills, his braveness, his cold blood, and, on the other, enabling an authentic encounter with the Man, with his sensitivity, his values, his fears. Thanks to a smart implementation of tailor-made technologies, Simmetrico gave value to the character of agent Kuznetzov, engaging visitors in a sensitive and empathic encounter with the secret agent and the Man.

The visitors need to interact, touch, flip through pages and activate installation to discover the contents. On one side of the exhibition, a large interactive wall tells of the geopolitical context of WWII, where agent Kuznetzov’s missions took place. On the other side, the equipment of the spy – a telegraph, a typewriter, and a radio – give the visitor a chance to try the job of the secret agent firsthand. Along the central path, the visitor meets Nikolaj Kuznetzov, first through three interactive dossiers that tell his story, then, in the apex of the triangle, with a holographic theatre. Here, the performance of a Russian actor playing the agent, enables a final poetic and intimate encounter with the Man beyond the legend.




Creative Directors: Daniele Zambelli, Andrea Fiorito, Simmetrico Srl

Directors: Daniele Zambelli, Simmetrico Srl, Fabio Cacciatori, Illogic Srl

Copywriters: Eugenio Alberti, Flavio Andreini

Art Director: Devis Gobbi, Simmetrico Srl

Designer: Lucrezia Montalboddi, Simmetrico Srl

Project Manager: Gaia Dall’Omo, Simmetrico Srl

AVL Director: Filippo Nepote Andrè, Simmetrico Srl

Fit-out Manager: Stefano Ferrè, Simmetrico Srl

Freight Manager: Matteo Paparella, Simmetrico Srl

Logistic Manager: Olena Sosyedyenko

Site Managers: Alessandro Epifani, Khayal Aliyev

Content Producer: Alisa Nesterova

Sound Designer: Rocco Petruzzi

Audio Engineer: Davide Bonotto

Light Designer: Marco Made De Nardi, M2L

Graphic Designer: Armando Mascetti

3D Software Developer: Oliver Pavicevich

Holographic Theatre Authors: Daniele Zambelli, Flavio Andreini

Holographic Theatre Actor: Pavel Zelinsky

Costume Designer & MUA: Alexandra Nikolaeva


Organization and Production Management : Simmetrico Srl, Illogic Srl

Set-up Contractors: Eurostand Spa, Peter Melnikov, IP Firsov N.P.

Mechatronic Installation: Leva Engineering Srl

Video Edit, visual effects and post production: Nicola Rossi, Bonsai Ninja

3D Printing Models design: Puntozero 3D

Interactive Books: Legatoria Codina Srl, Tomatis Srl

Software and Video Engineering: Videosoft Srl

AVL installation, cabling: Armonica Srl



“At the birth of the planet the most beautiful encounter between land and sea must have been on the Montenegrin coast”. This quote by Lord Byron guided Simmetrico team while adapting and creating the final design, conceiving the design experience, developing and producing the multimedia contents and technologies, up to the complete realization of the Montenegrin pavilion “Blessed by Nature”.

The narration imagined by Simmetrico takes place in a tiny, enveloping, and immersive space showcasing Montenegrin unspoiled stunning nature and breathtaking natural wonders.

Here a sneak peek of the main installations visitors will encounter while visiting the Pavilion:

“Virtual Forest” is the main installation of this pavilion and is present throughout the exhibition. The concept is inspired by one of the country’s main attractions: the Biogradska Gora National Park. Our team reproduced the “breath” of the forest by designing 184 bright plexiglass trees. Two different heights, a double layer of milling, and skillful use of lights to create the rhythm and dynamism of this full immersion experience.

“Land of Unexpected Wonders” is an interactive wall offering visitors the opportunity to explore the primates that make Montenegro unique, such as the TaraCanyon, the deepest canyon in Europe.

“Beauties of Montenegro” is the Pavilion‘s central installation showcasing the extraordinary wild natural beauty and different landscapes of Montenegro. An immersive and integrated experience with the fairy digital forest unwinding throughout the pavilion: images on the wall screen are combined with sounds and lights of the forest recreating the phases of the day and the noises of nature.

“Natural Treasures” presents Montenegrin biodiversity as one of the main treasures of this wild land. The installation is an interactive stylized Montenegrin landscape composed by colored plexiglass layers that visitors can pull up as vertical drawers to discover infographics about iconic natural elements of the country’s flora and fauna.





Client: Government of Montenegro (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Economic Development)

President of the Organizational Committee for organization of Montenegro’s participation at Expo 2020 Dubai: Jakov Milatovic, Minister of Economic Development

Main contractor: Simmetrico



Commissioner General: Prince Nicholas Petrovic-Njegos

Deputy Commissioner General: Jelena Jankovic-Kostic

Pavilion Director: Milena Pejovic-Erakovic

Content Cooridinators: Drazenka Laketic, Jovana Krunic, Ivona Savicevic, Svetlana Stijepovic, Marko Savkovic

Content Providers: Gavrilo Knezevic, Faro Nimanbegu, Gezim Mavric, Edin Zukovic, Ilija Perić, Ranko Maras, Air Montenegro, Porto Montenegro, Pljevlja Municipality, Lustica Bay, Kolasin 1600 and Kolasin 1450, Maljevik Bay (provided by Sonja Radovic Jelovac), Tivat Airport, Mtel, Telenor, Terna, Trebjesa Brewery, Spanjola Fortress



Head of Project: Daniele Zambelli

Executive Manager: Francesca Tirotti

Project Manager: Giulia Guarisco

Head of Exhibition Design Team: Andrea Fiorito,

Experience Design Coordinator: Devis Gobbi

Art Director: Eleonora Valsecchi

Graphic Designer: Elsa Cumar, Debora Murino, Elyas Arayess, Nicola Neri

Exhibition Designer: Lucrezia Montalboddi

Fit-out Manager: Stefano Ferrè

AVL Technical Director: Filippo Nepote Andrè

Content Director: Celeste Sergianno

Content Manager: Francesca Radaelli

Copy and Arabic translator: Mai Eldahan

Production Manager: Elvis Dsouza

Health and Safety Officer: Fidelis Mbutu

Logistics Manager: Matteo Paparella

Finance Managers: Gregorio Gaudenzi, Carolyn Loreto, Roberta Valloggia



Concept Design: Massiv

Concept Design interpretation: Simmetrico

Final Design: Simmetrico, Designdirect

Architect of Record: A2Z Architectural

Experience Design and storytelling: Andrea Fiorito, Eleonora Valsecchi, Devis Gobbi, Lucrezia Montalboddi, Stefano Ferrè, Celeste Sergianno, Francesca Radaelli



Fit-out contractor: Carli Produzioni

Local fit-out contractor: Fair Platz

AVL service: Giochi di Luce

Video content: Michele David, Bonsaininja, Studio Yet

Software and Video Engineering: Videosoft

Light design: M2L

Light programming: Marco Made De Nardi, Giovanni Porcaro

Sound Design: Painè Cuadrelli

Sound Engineering: Davide Bonotto



Simmetrico was in charge of construction design and production of the Syria Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai


The Syrian Pavilion “We Will Rise Together” is located in the Mobility District. The Mobility District creates connections to drive the world forward, breaking down the divide between the physical and digital worlds to build a harmonious, global society where information, ideas, and goods are exchanged faster than ever before.


More than 1.500 Syrians from all over the world participated in the Pavilion creation to frame the history and narrate the rising of their country.


Since the dawn of documented history, the Syrian people have contributed major achievements to the development of human history. The Syria Pavilion will showcase a rich civilization that has laid the foundation of the connections in the modern world and wants to rise again and claims its place in the world. It was Syria that was home to the first crop, first Alphabet, and first music note and poem.


Visitors’ journey unwinds through the history, culture and art heritage of this millenary land.


Let’s retrace some steps together describing 5 of the most scenographic installations to be found in the Pavilion:


“Pioneers of Agriculture” reproduces a wheat field and informs visitors on the Syrian agriculture variety through 352 tiles illustrating the different crops growing on the territory.


“Together” showcases the work of 60 Syrian artists. According to their very personal point of view, these incredible artworks carry the idea of being Syrian.


“We Will Rise” is composed of 552 tiles created by Syrian citizens from all over the world and narrating several stories of ordinary people.


“First Music Note” and “First Alphabet” witness the primacy of Syria in the cultural sphere by reproducing the first score ever written and the first characters of the Aramaic alphabet from which all languages descend.











Client: Expo Dubai 2020

Project: Syria Pavilion

Fit-out and AVL Management, Production and Installation: Simmetrico Operations



Concept Design: XYZ Designers

Final Design: XYZ Designers

Architect: Khaled Alshamaa

Content and Experience: Aziz Louksah

Graphic Design: SO Media

Brand Identity: Kinda Ghannoum

Specialist Agriculture Installation: Khozema Alaaed



Head of Project: Francesca Tirotti

Executive Manager: Phillip Labib

Project Manager: Giulia Guarisco

Production Manager: Elvis Dsouza

Site Supervisor: Sanjeev Sharmaa

Exhibition Designer: Lucrezia Montalboddi

Fit-out Manager: Stefano Ferrè

AVL Technical Director: Filippo Nepote Andrè

Logistics Manager: Matteo Paparella

Health and Safety Officer: Fidelis Mbutu

Finance Manager: Gregorio Gaudenzi, Carlolyn Loreto



Architect of Record: A2Z Architectural

Fit-out contractor: Carli Produzioni

Local fit-out contractor: Fair Platz Design

AVL supplier: Giochi di Luce

Select AVL supplier: 7 Stars Events

Light Design: M2L

Light programming: Marco Made De Nardi, Giovanni Porcaro




Simmetrico conceived, designed, and built the Azerbaijan Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai.

Seeds for the Future: this title clearly explains the key message behind the project, that is, the awareness that only by investing in the future now can people secure a sustainable tomorrow.
We designed a structure that is as transparent as a leaf but as solid as a tree. These shapes are not only symbolic but functional too. The leaf is a tensile structure that generates a microclimate that absorbs little energy. The large trunk is the fulcrum around which the spaces develop vertically and horizontally.
The exhibition involves visitors with stories and reflections on our future. Case studies will teach visitors about a country that has managed to make great strides during its young history. Azerbaijan has faced global challenges such as safeguarding and improving the environment, diversifying the economy and investing in human capital and sustainable development. On several occasions, these challenges were met by introducing avant-garde visions, which represent the “seeds of the future” and precious opportunities for reflection in the Expo context.




General Commissioner/Head of Delegation: Anar Alakbarov 

Main contractor: Simmetrico srl



Deputy Commissioner General/Project Manager: Narmin Jarchalova

Pavilion Manager: Rustam Ibrahimov

International Cooperation/Partnership Coordinator: Sontan Mammadov

Legal Advisor: Adil Karimli

Communication Manager: Fidan Yusibova 



Head of Project: Daniele Zambelli

General Supervisor: Francesca Tirotti

Head of Architectural Team:  Francesco Giordano

Head of Exhibition Design Team: Andrea Fiorito

Experience Design Coordinator: Devis Gobbi

Head of PMO: Luigi Vittorio Ferrari 

Finance Managers: Gregorio Gaudenzi, Roberta Valloggia 

Architectural Project Manager: Valeria Pallotta

Exhibition Project Manager: Gaia Dall’Omo

Art Directors:  Devis Gobbi, Eleonora Valsecchi

Graphic Art: Andrea Minini, Nicola Neri

Fitout Manager: Stefano Ferrè

Exhibition Designers: Andrea Fiorito, Lucrezia Montalboddi

AVL Technical Director: Filippo Nepote Andrè

Content Director: Celeste Sergianno

Content Manager: Francesca Radaelli

Copywriter and Translator: Reem Fahd

Logistics Manager: Matteo Paparella



Preliminary Sketches: Daniele Zambelli, Francesco Giordano, Alessandro Pongan, Andrea Fiorito

Concept Design: Simmetrico Architettura Srl, Ideas Srl 

Final Design: Simmetrico Architettura Srl, Ideas Srl, SCE Project Srl 

Construction Management: Simmetrico Architettura, Sce Project Srl 

MEP Design: SCE Projects Srl, ESA Engineering

Landscape Engineering and Design: South Landscape Consultants

Architect of Record and H&S Manager: A2Z Architectural 



Local Construction Company: ASGC Construction LLC, Al Shafar Interiors (ASI) Co LLC  

ETFE Supplie: Maco Technology

Wood Elements Supplier: Rubner Holzbau

Landscaping Supplier: K&D International Contracting LLC 



Experience Design and Storytelling: Andrea Fiorito, Eleonora Valsecchi, Devis Gobbi, Lucrezia Montalboddi, Celeste Sergianno

Concept Design: Simmetrico Srl

Final Design: Simmetrico Architettura Srl, Designdirect Srl

Technical Direction: Simmetrico Srl

Setup Management:  Simmetrico Srl 

Setup Contractor: Carli produzioni Srl

White Trees Installation, Structures and Setup: Mint L.L.C

Special Decors: C Decorazioni

Robotics and Setup of Flowers Carillon: Leva srl, Dadomani srl

Tulip Lights Flowers Installation: Terenzi Srl

Film Director: Mattia Molinari

Video Editing, Visual Effects and Postproduction: Bonsaininja Srl, Dadomani Srl, Studio YET

Software and Video Engineering: Videosoft Srl

Light Designer: Luxive srl, M2L Srl

AVL Installation and Cabling: Armonica Srl

Lights Programming: Marco Made De Nardi

Sound Designer: Painè Cuadrelli

Sound Engineering: Davide Bonotto

Technologies and Custom Solutions Engineering: Unitech Digital Media Srl

Hydroponic Boxes Project: Product Linfa by Robonica, Design Giampiero Peia

Furniture Design and Production: PCMC


8 – 11  July 2019
Ekaterinburg, Russia

The future is getting closer – under this concept Simmetrico was awarded the project of the Russian Copper Company stand at Innoprom 2019. For the second year in a row, Simmetrico was in charge of Design, Visitor Experience, Content Development & Production, and Construction, while Illogic acted as a General Contractor and Surveyor.

The pavilion is designed to be a big time machine that brought the imagination closer to a sustainable future. It is a space packed with visions, information and technological emotions.

Visitors are welcomed by a Future Accelerator: an installation of images and sound that envelops the space, leading the public into the pavilion. 

The Future Accelerator is the iconic place bouncing on social networks; families and influencers takes pictures fascinated by a future which increasingly coincides with change.

The Holographic theatre, technological core of the Pavilion, strikes for its size but mostly for the possibility to interact with three-dimensional content. A membrane of light is used to activate and rotate the objects in space. 

Russian Copper Company has marked its 15th anniversary. A wall celebrates this milestone, recounting the history of the company and dynamically representing a series of highlights accompanied by the claim We have been driving the future for 15 years. The monitors generate choreographies, in which dancing images create movement. Multi-touch interfaces allow visitors to interact with storytelling videos on large LED screens. Space becomes a seamless vision. Moving among parallel universes, the public can see the future on the horizon in virtual reality workstations. The Russian Copper Company reports on its work through three fantasy worlds filled with real information and facts: the Forest, the Arena, and the City of the Future. 

For Simmetrico it was a particular honour to be engaged in the design and implementation of the Pavilion for the second year in a row and become part of the history of the Russian Copper Company, presenting its values and a great legacy. 


BEA World Festival


9 – 12 July 2018
Ekaterinburg, Russia

Shininess. Plasticity. Resistance. Conductivity. These are but a few of the qualities of the metal that humanity has been using longest and that actually gave the name to a historical period – the Copper Age. We have never really left that age – copper is linked to some of the inventions that changed our lives completely, such as electricity, trams, computers, wind turbines, neuron interfaces… Copper is civilisation’s DNA.

This was the idea underlying Simmetrico’s design for the Russian Copper Company pavilion at Innoprom 2018. The Russian Copper Company is one of the most important mining and processing companies in the Urals. The customer is the Main partner of the trade show, and every year they aim to amaze their interlocutors.

Simmetrico relied on three factors: the Italian taste of the design, pushing technologies to their limits and treating the contents in edutainment key.

The pavilion’s exterior is almost a showcase of the company’s technological power, its influence in the region and its passion. Three short shows with a perpetually moving DNA filament alternate with images of people, production assets and uses of copper.

The exterior leads into a kaleidoscope that makes visitors in the element of copper become children again.

The inside space is organised around a large kinetic installation that develops upwards. It is the heart of the pavilion. A large helix staircase develops around it, leading to the first floor – it is almost a monument in honour of humanity’s intelligence. All around, the space is design like waves in movement becoming both organic and pulsating.

In the holographic prism at the base of the column is a representation of the Group’s five guiding values, which can be selected with a swipe. The 3D hologram animations interconnect with the visual effects of the large helix overhead. A drop of copper falling from above acts as catalyst that triggers the story-telling.

An interactive and holographic timeline explains the history of copper as a motor of innovation in 15 milestones. The timeline screens are also used to show the Group’s four flagship plants.

The holographic theatre moves at people passages explaining the six challenges the company is rising to. The claim is that “Life sets challenges. Russian Copper Company responds.”

The Social responsibility wall has ten video stories written with typical social networking language made by images and very brief text to read.

The upper floors have meeting halls, the bar and the lounge area with the kitchen. All the above is masterfully executed in every detail, as can be expected from Italian designers and skills all over the world.

Thanks to Simmetrico, the Russian Copper Company was yet again the star at Innoprom.

Video images: Русская медная компания


BEA World Festival

  • Best Trade Show Category – 1st place
  • Best Use of Technology Category – 1st place

World Exhibition Stand Awards

  • Best Stand 1.000 sqm and over – Diamond
  • Best Stand at an Energy and Mining Event – Diamond
  • Grand Prix


Since November 2017, Simmetrico has been Content Design Consultant for the Baku (Azerbaijan) Expo 2025 candidature with the theme Developing Human Capital, Building a Better Future. The candidature process lasts a year and involves many meetings with the BIE. Simmetrico is responsible for developing content relevant to the theme and exploring the sub-themes of Talent, Vitality and Achievement to create an innovative architecture of meaning, as well as the development of multimedia content and the curation and development of all videos related to the theme. Alongside this, Simmetrico is providing support to the Grimshaw architecture firm – in charge of formalising the Masterplan – with regard to content development, so as to give BIE delegates as complete a picture as possible of Expo 2025 Baku Azerbaijan.


50 years after his death, a great exhibition dedicated to Che Guevara: the myth, the hero, the fighter but, above all, the man.

The exhibition is produced by Alma, RTV Comercial de l’Avana and Centro de Estudios Guevara, coproduced with the Municipality of Milan, “Fabbrica del Vapore” and with the support of the University of Milan and University IULM for the deepening of the historical and geopolitical context.

In coherence with the philological objective of the exhibition, 3 narrative levels are designed to recount:

  1. The story of the international historical-political context through films, world news and documents.
  2. The Life and Words of Chè through photographs, speeches, interviews, original manuscripts and testimonies.
  3. The meeting with the man beyond the character: three areas, projected on the internal walls, to know the man, his interior thoughts, his objects, his books, his epistles and his private writings. They will create a suspended and enchanting atmosphere for an unusual story, never listened before. The outside voice of an actor will interpret the texts, creating a suggestion like a direct interaction between Che and the visitor.


Astana (Kazakhstan), 10th June – 10th September 2017

Simmetrico’s ability to handle complex systems results in our involvement in Expo Astana 2017 also within the large sphere of the Kazakhstan Pavilion, the heart of the international exhibition centre that opened on 10th June of this year.

In the glass structure, with a diameter of 80 metres and with 26,000 square metres of space, Simmetrico was in charge of executive production of all indoor fittings as well as implementation of the multi-media installations on the seventh and eighth floors. These are the two highest levels of the Pavilion, with more than 4,500 sq.m. of total surface area, from which the “Future Energy” exhibition route begins.

We were assigned the project following an international tender announced by Sembol Construction, the General Contractor of the Kazakhstan Pavilion.




Astana (Kazakhstan), 10th June – 10th September 2017

Simmetrico was chosen by His Serene Highness, Prince Albert II of Monaco, as the winner of the international tender for the design, development and construction of the Monaco Pavilion at Astana Expo 2017.

The concept that lies at the basis of the project conception is the city that is reflected in the sea and reveals the complex relationship between man and the environment, where the limit can be transformed into an opportunity of conscious growth. The Pavilion will tell the story of the commitment made by the Principality of Monaco towards sustainable progress, in which the new paradigms of urban development are integrated with environmental protection.

The scenography highlights the idea of reflection: a large kinetic installation in the middle of the Pavilion consisting of mirrored elements that welcomes and reflects a projection that tells the story of dialogue between the Principality of Monaco and the sea.

Integration between shapes, design and contents is the sole expression of the values of sustainability and those of progress, reminding visitors of the awareness of this relationship.


Exhibitor Magazine

  • Best Small Pavilion – 1st place