Daniele Zambelli took part in the 2012 edition of 21Minuti.

21minuti is a yearly conference about twenty-one success stories told on two days by 21 international speakers, having 21 minutes each to share their best knowledge, their own “contribution to making sense’ through presentations, keynotes and live shows.

21minuti is born of the belief that the most effective responses, those that make people truly successful, are a combination of different skills that, by completing and blending into each other, turn into fresher, wider knowledge.

21minuti is a cross-disciplinary multimedia platform, showcasing success-stories, examples of sustainability and innovation that can inspire anyone to try to better themselves, personally, socially and environmentally.

This is how its inventor, Patrizio Paoletti, describes it:

21minuti is a test bench of ideas that brings together people who have had a vision of the whole and have achieved the reward of self-accomplishment: the result and the beauty of the journey.”