Simmetrico’s experience at Astana Expo 2017 by our Innovation Technology Director

The experience of Filippo Nepote Andrè, Innovation Technology Director for Simmetrico at Astana Expo 2017, Kazakhstan Pavilion ‘Museum of Future Energy’ and Monaco Pavilion:

The best technology is the technology we don’t see.

This is something of a mantra for us here at Simmetrico: something we bear in mind every time we take on a new project or create a new story to share.

Our challenge for the Monaco Pavilion at Astana 2017 was to transport visitors away from the EXPO to the Principality – presenting the city, its history and future plans precisely and with detail yet arousing their intrigue through immersive, almost magical experiences.

We settled on two solutions: Oculus Rift to take visitors on a journey through the Principality and its history and an interactive wall with games to explain the future Monaco to younger visitors.

A team of programmers, graphic designers and editorial staff worked closely together for four months to develop two thorough and engaging installations.

The Oculus project developed an app that allowed visitors to choose between 4 themed routes, enjoy 18 different 360° panoramas and increase their knowledge of the places visited on the virtual tours thanks to 48 animated infographics that were integrated into the landscape.

We used a laser scanner with specifically developed capacitive sensors for the interactive Future Monaco wall. Using Pandora we then created interactive areas for an almost magical tactile experience where the walls projected animations on seven specific themes that are important to the Principality, through interaction with the public.

The best technology is the technology we don’t see because it is naturally integrated with the experience. When we realised we didn’t need to explain anything to our visitors, we knew we had achieved our goal.”