Simmetrico Takes Italian Contents to China

Simmetrico’s ability to share Italian stories with the rest of the world by creating and producing formats for cultural communication has led to an agreement for a strategic cooperation with BroadMesse, a company based in Shanghai and Düsseldorf, which operates in the field of exhibitions, Expos, museums and new technologies.

The agreement was signed at the Modern Art Gallery in Shanghai by Dong Zhang, President of BroadMesse International Creative, and Francesca Tirotti, Simmetrico’s partner. Sun Liu, vice-minister of the Shanghai-Pudong Ministry of Communications, and Alberto Manai, Director of the Institute of Culture at the Italian Embassy in Shanghai, were also present at the ceremony. “The projects of Simmetrico Cultura, such as the ‘Pompeii Insight’ exhibition”, Alberto Manai stated in his speech, “undoubtedly represent an opportunity to promote cultural exchanges between the two nations”.