8 – 11  July 2019
Ekaterinburg, Russia

The future is getting closer – under this concept Simmetrico was awarded the project of the Russian Copper Company stand at Innoprom 2019.


The pavilion is designed to be a big time machine that brings the imagination closer to a sustainable future. A versatile, multi-technology structure, where each element harmoniously fit into the overall architectural design, turning the pavilion into a unique multimedia space.


High-tech installations reveal not only the achievements and successes of the company, but also show future vision through initiatives and development programs. A series of iconic and technologically innovative installations that turn the viewing process into a fascinating journey, where every visitor can literally discover and explore one or more stories with their own hands.

Visitors are welcomed by a Future Accelerator: an installation of images and sound that envelops the space, leading the public into the pavilion; an iconic place bouncing on social networks. The Holographic theatre, technological core of the Pavilion, strikes for its size but mostly for the possibility to interact with three-dimensional content, thanks to a membrane of light used to activate and rotate the objects in space. Multi-touch interfaces allow visitors to interact with storytelling videos on large LED screens. Space becomes a seamless vision. Moving among parallel universes, the public can see the future on the horizon in virtual reality workstations.


Finally, a wall celebrates the milestone of the Russian Copper Company’s 15th anniversary, recounting the history of the company and dynamically representing a series of highlights accompanied by the claim We have been driving the future for 15 years. These monitors generate choreographies, in which dancing images create movement.


For Simmetrico it was a particular honour to be engaged in the design and implementation of the Pavilion for the second year in a row and become part of the history of the Russian Copper Company, presenting its values and a great legacy.


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