March, 2015

The event was designed and managed by Simmetrico, which transformed the entire venue into an Italian-style garden.

The foyer became a sort of secret garden, with ivy-clad archways and custom-made video projections together creating an immersive set decoration.

The decoration of the central hall evokes in all its aspects the layout of a Renaissance garden decorated with 16 000 flowers typical of the Mediterranean region.

The guests were presented with an orchestrated sequence of scenic effects: 39 floral chandeliers (21 large and 18 small) that opened at the guests’ arrival, offering atmospheric light effects; thanks to complex set equipment, the gazebos rose above the floor to revel the gala dinner tables; tulle tents with video projected onto them created an elegant and refined atmosphere; the large LED video screen measuring 260 m2 allowed guests to view the highest quality video images.

Images of Renaissance statues and gardens were also projected onto the walls of the central hall thanks to an RGB light installation realized by the Carnovsky artist duo from Milan.