April, 2015

Simmetrico followed this private event in each of its aspects: from the concept ideation to the set design, from executive production to direction.

Central concept of the event is the Tuscan atmosphere. The entrance is set up with the typical Tuscan landscape printed on the walls. The escalators are decorated with colorful lavender flowers that lead the guests to the foyer.

The foyer on the first floor recreates a marvellous typical Italian courtyard with medieval fountain and old-looking arches.

A garden arbor welcomes the guests in the central hall with warmth and elegance. A Mediterranean typical flowers fragrance permeates the main hall area where a natural environment is recreated to offer the magical atmosphere of a Tuscany patio on a summer night.

The bandstand, raised off the floor, is under a flowering pergola. Behind the musicians, the video LED shows the most beautiful and suggestive streets and Tuscan villages.

A medieval style bar counter opens to the guests recalling the atmosphere of an open air Italian square. Chianti hills landscapes, descending towards the Arno valley, are printed on the wall behind the table of honour.