Baku, Azerbaijan

The reception had as its venue a rather unusual location: a beach. Simmetrico was in charge of every aspect of the event, from concept design to decoration, from executive production to the overall direction, creating a garden inside a purpose-built tensile structure of 3500 sq.m.

Guests arrived at the venue though an 80-meter passage, covered by a flowering pergola evoking the atmosphere of the works of Impressionist masters.

The foyer had as its focal point a large central installation, where ivy-clad archways were overrun by tiny water streams, which ran into a small pond decorated with water lilies and lotus flowers.

In the spacious central hall, decorated with fruit trees, the tables were decorated with centerpieces made of citrus fruit, white roses and sea treasures.

The transparent structure yielded a panoramic vista over the sea at sunset. A relaxation area was set up on the beach with wooden gazebos, white sofas, carpets and cushions.

The evening concluded with a spectacular pyrotechnics show.