“Nikolaj Kuznetzov. The man. The legend.” is an exhibition dedicated to the new generations. It tells of a 20th-century hero engaging the public with advanced interactive and immersive technologies.

In the museum complex “Russia, my history”, Ekaterinburg, on commission by the Saint Catherine Foundation, Illogic Srl and Simmetrico designed and realized the thematic exhibition “Nikolai Kuznetzov. The man. The legend.”. The exhibition celebrates the Soviet hero who was a secret agent and a partisan in the Ukrainian territories occupied by Nazis during WWII. For the purposes of the exhibition, Simmetrico conceived an immersive environment, rich in innovative technological elements and which fully exploits the peculiarity of the triangular space. The exhibition shows a twofold narration: on the one side, telling of the secret agent, Nikolaj Kuznetzov, with his skills, his braveness, his cold blood, and, on the other, enabling an authentic encounter with the Man, with his sensitivity, his values, his fears. Thanks to a smart implementation of tailor-made technologies, Simmetrico gave value to the character of agent Kuznetzov, engaging visitors in a sensitive and empathic encounter with the secret agent and the Man.

The visitors need to interact, touch, flip through pages and activate installation to discover the contents. On one side of the exhibition, a large interactive wall tells of the geopolitical context of WWII, where agent Kuznetzov’s missions took place. On the other side, the equipment of the spy – a telegraph, a typewriter, and a radio – give the visitor a chance to try the job of the secret agent firsthand. Along the central path, the visitor meets Nikolaj Kuznetzov, first through three interactive dossiers that tell his story, then, in the apex of the triangle, with a holographic theatre. Here, the performance of a Russian actor playing the agent, enables a final poetic and intimate encounter with the Man beyond the legend.




Creative Directors: Daniele Zambelli, Andrea Fiorito, Simmetrico Srl

Directors: Daniele Zambelli, Simmetrico Srl, Fabio Cacciatori, Illogic Srl

Copywriters: Eugenio Alberti, Flavio Andreini

Art Director: Devis Gobbi, Simmetrico Srl

Designer: Lucrezia Montalboddi, Simmetrico Srl

Project Manager: Gaia Dall’Omo, Simmetrico Srl

AVL Director: Filippo Nepote Andrè, Simmetrico Srl

Fit-out Manager: Stefano Ferrè, Simmetrico Srl

Freight Manager: Matteo Paparella, Simmetrico Srl

Logistic Manager: Olena Sosyedyenko

Site Managers: Alessandro Epifani, Khayal Aliyev

Content Producer: Alisa Nesterova

Sound Designer: Rocco Petruzzi

Audio Engineer: Davide Bonotto

Light Designer: Marco Made De Nardi, M2L

Graphic Designer: Armando Mascetti

3D Software Developer: Oliver Pavicevich

Holographic Theatre Authors: Daniele Zambelli, Flavio Andreini

Holographic Theatre Actor: Pavel Zelinsky

Costume Designer & MUA: Alexandra Nikolaeva


Organization and Production Management : Simmetrico Srl, Illogic Srl

Set-up Contractors: Eurostand Spa, Peter Melnikov, IP Firsov N.P.

Mechatronic Installation: Leva Engineering Srl

Video Edit, visual effects and post production: Nicola Rossi, Bonsai Ninja

3D Printing Models design: Puntozero 3D

Interactive Books: Legatoria Codina Srl, Tomatis Srl

Software and Video Engineering: Videosoft Srl

AVL installation, cabling: Armonica Srl