Balocco Racetrack, Vercelli (Italy)
15 – 19th October 2012

Simmetrico looked after the project, the creative design and executive production of the press conference for the launch of new Panda models.
The location chosen by Fiat to launch the new Panda models, the 4×4, Trekking, NaturalPower and EasyPower versions, is Balocco test track .

The press conference takes place in the “voliera”, a structure made of glass and steel in the heart of Balocco track.

The external surface becomes a great graphic, recalling the style of the new Panda models.

The front scene is composed by 3 crystal wide screens interacting with the 360° projections: initially transparent, they turn on at the beginning of the conference, and become the projection surface of all videos and slides.

The area dedicated to after sales object of “Mopar” brand is set up in front of the conference hall and it’s characterized by wide varnished surfaces and boutique-style details.