Astana (Kazakhstan), 10th June – 10th September 2017

Simmetrico’s ability to handle complex systems results in our involvement in Expo Astana 2017 also within the large sphere of the Kazakhstan Pavilion, the heart of the international exhibition centre that opened on 10th June of this year.

In the glass structure, with a diameter of 80 metres and with 26,000 square metres of space, Simmetrico was in charge of executive production of all indoor fittings as well as implementation of the multi-media installations on the seventh and eighth floors. These are the two highest levels of the Pavilion, with more than 4,500 sq.m. of total surface area, from which the “Future Energy” exhibition route begins.

We were assigned the project following an international tender announced by Sembol Construction, the General Contractor of the Kazakhstan Pavilion.