3rd – 18th July 2015,
Montreux (Suisse)

Jeep was Global Partner of the 49th edition of the Montreux Jazz Festival, one of the most important music festivals in the world that annually records around 200,000 spectators in 2 weeks of live concerts.

For this important sponsorship event between Jeep and Montreux Jazz Festival, Simmetrico developed the creative concept and managed the test drive activities and coordinated all the production activities.

The concept claim was Free to Improvise as improvisation occurs both in music and in off-road driving. Inside the Jazz’s temple of musical virtuosity and improvisation, Jeep offered to the Montreux Jazz Festival audience the opportunity to be free to improvise and compose a unique rhythm interacting with the cars.

The installation was playful and effective. With the use of special magnets, the vibration of customers touching the cars were converted into real sound, giving birth to joyful soundtracks and, thus, transforming Jeep’s cars into unique and powerful musical instruments.