International Conference - Jeddah

Hilton Hall, Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)

At the Hilton Hall of Jeddah, the Islamic Development Bank has celebrated its 40th anniversary with a ceremony for 400 people .

Simmetrico and Moments International worked on the design, the realization, the creative direction of contents and the ceremony set up. The focal point of the event is a 60-meters front scene, inside which a 32-meter-wide screen opens. The ceremony become the occasion to tell the journey and the results obtained by IDB in the last 40 years, through stories of success and interview to leading figures.

Saudi Arabian Crown Prince and Bill Gates were among those who attended the event.

In the foyer of the hall were set up a circular timeline and a small exhibition that summarize the essence of the bank’s identity and philosophy and accompany the audience approaching the hall. IDB is a bank that follows islamic religion’s principles, according to which is not possible to apply an interest rate to money. Investors support projects, and participate in income and loss together with the bank.