Buta Palace, Baku (Azerbaijan)
10th May 2011

Every 10th May the foundation named in memory of the former Azerbaijani president Heydar Aliyev celebrates the results obtained in the fields of culture, safeguard of the artistic heritage, welfare, and promotion of Azerbaijan in the world.
Simmetrico organized the gala dinner 2011, from the concept ideation to the set design, executive production and direction..

The selected location is the Buta palace in Baku.

The foyer is set up with white light volumes welcoming guests and inviting them to take sit.
The bright atmosphere is characterized by suspended big columns made of tulle on every table. Inside the columns, lighting effects interact with an installation of candles and orchids. When the president comes in the tulle columns raise up and turn into magic chandelier that will keep changing color during the night.
Central element of the stage is a tulle screen used as surface for video projections and as choreographic element and reveal for orchestra and guest stars.