Suada, Istanbul (Turkey)
1th May 2007

The event takes place in Suada, a micro island in the Bosphorus, virtual and real geographical line that is a crossroads of peoples and cultures.
At the arrival, scattered in different areas, many micro events characterized by different sounds and visual suggestions bring guests towards a big tensile structure in crystal, designed and realized for the event.

On the circular stage a motorized semi-circular tulle rotates at 180° becoming according to the lights used, a projection surface or a backdrop for the performance.

The performances are underlined by the video clips projected on 8 big screens placed throughout the structure. At abought 8 meters height, a transparent terrace hosts the console of the DJ Mercan Dede. The five moments of the show accompany the guests to the reveal of the car, highlighted by fireworks enveloping the tensile structure.