Auditorium G. Agnelli – Centro Storico Fiat , Turin (Italy)
1st-2nd October 2007

October 1st – 2nd, 2007
October 1st, Auditorium G. Agnelli: Launch Event
October 2nd, Fiat Historical Centre: Italian Market Meeting

The convention combines two important events: the presentation of FIAT PROFESSIONAL brand and the launch of new Fiorino. The concept repeated in the scenic elements recalling the domino pieces, the long walkway creating a relationship between the speaker and the guests, and the projection of images communicating the concept of complexity, visually translate the idea of repetition and industrial precision regenerating in newer and newer shapes.

The opening theme, prelude to the unveiling of the new Fiorino, starts from the movement of a Chain Reaction Machine: a kinetic continuum made of domino pieces, levers, tracks, whose mechanisms are interconnected.

On the stage is represented a journey through the excellence of the Italian know-how, which gave birth to the four entertaining video-clips of which Fiorino plays a starring role.

A speech by Fiat Group’s CEO Sergio Marchionne closes the presentation.
After an aperitif in the foyer, the stage changes to welcome Fiorello’s one-man-show. At the end of the show, guests are invited to Moi’s space for the gala dinner.