Magna Pars, Milan (Italy)
3-17th July 2013

July 2013, Fiat presents to the national and international press the new 500L Living and 500L Trekking, two distinctive evolutions of the icon of Made in Italy par excellence. Simmetrico supervised the design, the communication and the executive production of the event.

The chosen location is Magna Pars, in Zona Tortona, the heart of Milan symbol of international fashion and design.

The scenic design is surrounded by a contemporary context and characterized by wide transparent surfaces. The modern design, the innovative light design and the simple and direct language, give to the scene a communicative impact strong but clean.

The main surface of communication is the large glass wall on which a big window decal of vector icons shows the features of the cars. The new 500 Trekking and a panoramic screen find place on a distinctively designed stage.

Outwards, Graphic contributions on the facade of Magna Pars and the installation of some amazing “500 tree” mark the approach to the location.