Milan (Italy)
1 May – 31 October 2015

On the occasion of the Expo Milano 2015, Simmetrico’s Italian network has developed, designed, built and managed the Azerbaijan pavilion, having as its theme Treasure of Biodiversity, in collaboration with the Arassociati architecture studio, iDeas structural designers and the AG&P landscape architecture studio.

In order to tell the story of the harmony and variety of Azerbaijan’s landscape and culture, representing the country’s great wealth, the biosphere metaphor was chosen, a system that is open to external influences while capable of protecting and fostering the growth of life inside it.

The Pavilion is made up of three biospheres encased like precious jewels in the buildings overall structure. The curved wooden walls that embrace the building safeguard the Pavilion’s microclimate, evoke the winds typical of the Azerbaijani landscape, and symbolize the cultural and creative energy that has always flown across the country.

An extraordinary and immersive itinerary includes installations, video, sound recordings, virtual reality experiences and a dedicated app that allows visitors to discover the country’s treasures.

The Pavilion was designed to be dismantled at the end of Expo 2015 and can be reassembled in Baku.

More than 300 people have worked on the design, including 250 in Italy and 50 in Azerbaijan. The research and development of the content took more than 18 months, and more than 5000 photographs and 250 videos were produced as a result of 150 days of filming and photography, including more than 100 days in Azerbaijan. More than 150 hours of filming using the time-lapse technique and more than 55 minutes of stop motion animation served to recreate the iconic elements of Azerbaijan’s traditions.

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