at COP28

Simmetrico designed and delivered the visitor experience for the Ethiopian Green Legacy at COP28, hosted in Dubai in the Blue Zone.

This exhibition aimed to showcase Ethiopia’s commitment to sustainability by highlighting key projects and initiatives encompassing the realms of Mitigation and Adaptation.

In a thoughtful approach, Simmetrico ensured that the pavilion not only emphasized these critical aspects but also celebrated Ethiopia’s rich heritage, identity, and unity.

Ethiopia’s historical connection to sustainability became a focal point of the exhibition, with the intention to narrate the success story of the nation’s collective efforts toward a sustainable future.

The project’s commitment to sustainability extended beyond its thematic content, as Simmetrico faced the challenge of redesigning and implementing the visitor journey within existing building structures. The exhibition spaces were infused with abundant greenery, not only to contribute to the aesthetics but also to symbolize Ethiopia’s commitment to environmental preservation.

In this way, Simmetrico successfully unfolded Ethiopia’s identity within the exhibition, offering visitors a unique and immersive experience that reflected the nation’s dedication to a sustainable future.





Project: Ethiopian Green Legacy Pavilion at COP28

Design and Build: Simmetrico

Head of Project: Francesca Tirotti



Head of Project, Advisor- Office of the Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia: Myriam Said

Art Curator: Edom Belete

Coffee Ceremony & Experience: Auro Premium Coffees LLC

Landscape Design and Supervision: Cascata Landscaping and Contracting



Chief Engagement Officer: Manal AlBayat

Vice President – Community Management: Afraa Alshalabi

Senior Manager – Programme Management – Commercial & Engagement: Omar Tunio

Project Manager – Community Management: Asseel Zoughaibe

Assistant Manager – Fit-Out – Expo City COP28 Delivery: Ahmed Hassan


Executive Project Manager: Phillip Labib

Project Manager: Giulia Guarisco

Creative Director: Ahmed Basiouny

Exhibition Designers: Nancy Helou

Graphic Designers: Abhay & Zia ul Haq

CAD Draftsman: Akram Sheriff

CTO: Filippo Nepote Andrè

Production Manager: Elvis Dsouza


Set-up Contractor: Eventum Exibitions LLC

AVL Equipment & Operation: Giochi di Luce LLC

Landscaping Implementation: Proscape FM LLC