CES 2024

Simmetrico designed and realized the Essilor Luxottica stand at CES 2024. Winner of the Best Stand of CES Award, the project is an ideal synthesis between innovation and creativity.

Inspired by the visual representation of sound waves resonance, the stand’s architecture forms a distinctive three-dimensional sign, providing 360° visibility and communication.

At its core, the Nuance Audio experience invites visitors into two immersive rooms, allowing them to explore firsthand a prototype of Nuance Audio integrated into stylish glasses. These central focal points serve as an iconic element, drawing attendees into the world of Essilor Luxottica and carrying the visitor into an unforgettable journey of discovery through a multimedia installation employing video technology, featuring avatar subjects engaging with visitors.

The third room, always designed to engage and captivate, is dedicated to showcasing and directly experiencing this soon-to-be-released product.

One of the standout features of the stand is the synchronized orchestra of LED screens, harmoniously weaving together storytelling and product showcasing. This multimedia spectacle highlights the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses as the pinnacle of next-generation technology and creates an atmosphere of harmony, beauty, and elegant balance.

The stand exudes boldness, impact, and magnetism, positioning Essilor Luxottica as the pulsating core of innovation at CES 2024.



Client: Luxottica Group S.p.A

Project: Essilor Luxottica Stand at CES 2024, Las Vegas

Design, Art Direction and Content Production: Simmetrico Srl

Head of Project: Daniele Zambelli


Corporate Trade Events Manager: Annamaria Capozzi

International Fairs Trade: Enrico Vaglio Laurin


Creative Director: Daniele Zambelli

Executive Project Manager & Account: Fabio Castelli

Project Manager: Gaia Dall’Omo

Creative Coordinator: Giulia De Nardi

Art Director: Devis Gobbi

Video Art Director: Frankie Caradonna

Designer: Fabio Tasca

Technical Director: Filippo Nepote Andrè

Graphic Designer: Riccardo Zampieri


Concept Design: Simmetrico Srl

Final Design: Simmetrico Srl, Patrizia Bocconi

Technical Direction: Simmetrico Srl

Setup Management:  Simmetrico Srl 

Light Designer: M2L

Video & Sound Production: Invision Lab

Interactions, Software and Broadcasting: Videosoft