July 11, 2019
Mediolanum Forum, Milan (Italy)

This year DELOITTE has chosen Simmetrico for the creative development, design and production of its annual D-Event, the international convention that unites employees from Italy, Greece and Malta. Under the motto “A million gazes. One future.”, the event celebrates the results, handover moment between the outgoing CEO and the newly appointed CEO of the Italian Branch.

The shape of a “dot” becomes the characteristic element of the whole scenography through the set up of a large projection screen of 70×6.5 mt to which is added a circular screen of 12mt diameter. 45 hanging mirrors give life to a game of lights and reflections that engage the whole audience, in the suggestive scenario of the Mediolanum Forum.

The night opens with a dazzling LED show, where 8 performers’ silhouettes appear on stage, lightening the opening with the special dance choreography and uniting the emotions since the very beginning.

Host for the evening Alessandro Cattelan, a master of ceremony of exception, who presides over the audience of 4,800 people, which are in double satellite connection with Malta and Greece colleagues, reaching a total of 6,000 people both online and offline.

The event spectacularly ends with the tailor-made Musical Think Tank U and the DJ set.