Tu y Todos

50 years after his death, a great exhibition dedicated to Che Guevara: the myth, the hero, the fighter but, above all, the man.


Che Guevara. Tú y Todos. was ideated and realised by Simmetrico Cultura, produced by Alma, RTV Comercial de l’Avana and Centro de Estudios Guevara, coproduced with the Municipality of Milan, Fabbrica del Vapore and with the support of the University of Milan and University IULM for the deepening of the historical and geopolitical context.


Through three different narrative levels, visitors relived the days, the places, the feelings and thoughts, the personal actions and the historical events Che was protagonist of.


The first, journalistic level recounts the geo-political climate. The second level is dedicated to the biographical context, with his public speeches, his thoughts on education, on foreign politics, and on economics, and the private and public events of Ernesto Guevara. Finally, the third level is a-temporal and intimate and reveals his more personal texts – as diaries, letters to friends and family, including unedited recordings of poems – where Che’s doubts, contradictions and reflections take shape. It is from this narrative level that the man beyond the character emerges, the intensity of the questions he would ask himself, the challenging choice between the commitment to the fight against social injustice and the painful renounce to attachments and to a life of certainties.