Simmetrico was appointed for the refurbishment of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai. With minimal turn-around time and operational constraints the Simmetrico team delivered on time, and on budget.

The conceptualization and design of this project pursued the following objectives: 

– To conceive a space whose features reflect the identity of the heart-shaped country

– To create an involving and effective storytelling highlighting Bosnia and Herzegovina’s natural beauties, traditions and multicultural heritage

– To promote Bosnia and Herzegovina opportunities, in terms of tourism and business potential; 

– To share the values of the real heart of the country, its people, through the devotion and passion they put into everything they do.

The central installation represents the core and the synthesis of the pavilion. It is the heart that welcomes and unites all the geometrical elements that create the exhibition and tells the stories of 8 Bosnian talents, who through their different paths and actions, demonstrate the attitude of devotion and passion to their country.

Another important corner is the traditional Bosnian craftsmanship wall that hosts both an authentic presentation of Bosnian main crafts and live performances of artisans.


Client: Via Media Dubai

Project: Bosnia and Herzegovina Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai


Exhibition Design, Art Direction and Production: Simmetrico



Medina Beganović – Managing Partner and Project Manager

Haris Mujanovic – Account Director

Elma Kadric – Strategic Planner




Head of Project: Francesca Tirotti

Executive Project Manager: Phillip Labib

Project Manager: Giulia Guarisco

Executive Creative Director: Andrea Fiorito

Art Director: Eleonora Valsecchi

Content Director: Celeste Sergianno

Content Manager: Francesca Radaelli

Graphic Designer: Nicola Neri

Production Manager: Elvis Dsouza

Exhibition Designer: Lucrezia Montalboddi

Fit-out Manager: Stefano Ferrè

AVL Technical Director: Filippo Nepote Andrè

Logistics Manager: Matteo Paparella

Finance Managers: Gregorio Gaudenzi, Carolyn Loreto



Set up supplier: Xess Advertising, Vikas

AVL supplier: SNAP