Alfa Romeo Stelvio

For the first SUV in the history of the Alfa Romeo brand, Simmetrico was selected to reveal the Stelvio to the press.
Simmetrico was commissioned to design, produce and supervise the direction and coordination of all phases of the event which saw the construction of a temporary tailor-made structure in the heart of Saint Moritz, of 17x20meters and 7 meters high.

Inside, the concept took shape when a large 14x4m video surface opened like a window overlooking the Stelvio Pass, the highest mountain pass in Italy with the 75 most striking hairpin bends in Europe. Journalists thus found themselves at the center of the scene that enhanced the thrill of driving and maximum performance, in perfect coherence with the spirit of the brand. After the presentation, the guests were welcomed for the gala dinner at the Saint Moritz Country Club.

An event that involved three hundred Italian and international journalists for two weeks, spent alongside Alfa Romeo to reaffirm its values once again, that of placing man and his emotions at the center of each project.