Balocco, Turin (Italy)
th 21st May 2016

With the International Media Drive of Giulia and Giulia Quadrifoglio, Alfa Romeo wanted to emphasize and reaffirm the values that inspired the conception and design of the two car models: to create cars able to put human beings and emotions at the center.

The event began with a gala dinner at the Castello di Oleggio, where video mapping on the diners’ tables shaped the aesthetics of the car, associating it with the values of the brand. The following day, the test drive took place in Balocco, where journalists boarded the cars, alongside professional drivers, for a real hot lap. For the test every journalist wore a special bracelet, used today by many of the world’s most famous research centres and by NASA, to detect the electrical activity of the skin, the blood pressure and heart rate. These emotional data, related to the car’s telemetry and performance, highlight the close bond that Alfa Romeo creates between man and vehicle, between emotion and performance.

In addition to the data, the faces of journalists were also recorded through go-pro cameras installed on board. Everything was processed in real-time and transmitted on the large 5x3m LED screen and ten 55’ monitors in the hall with a split screen effect which allowed each journalist to see their performance again immediately after their lap on the track.

The event demonstrated how The mechanics of emotions is not just the payoff of a brand but a tangible reality, an experience that can test all drivers on board an Alfa Romeo.


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