Simmetrico’s experience at Astana Expo 2017 by our Head of Project

The Experience of Riccardo Cigolotti, Head of Project for Simmetrico at Astana Expo 2017, Kazakhstan Pavilion ‘Museum of Future Energy’ and Monaco Pavilion:

«The context we have faced, was new and difficult, but the capacity to adapt ourselves and never give up, allow us to reach the goals.

Close process integration, between contents, design and technology, a Simmetrico must, was the key for comply of the deadlines for Monaco Pavilion and Future Enegy Museum in Expo Astana 2017.

Almost one year of development, over 200 people involved and few months for construction, including the winter time with very low temperatures.

Two different projects and two close teams, which have worked in support of one other in the most critical phases.

It has been again a great honour to be part of Simmetrico.»