The collection's more than 100 thousand objects
represent nations, histories and territories.

The vocation of the Vatican’s Ethnological Museum, a tribute to the world’s cultural and spiritual diversity.

It is an experiential layout in which the archive becomes a narrative instrument, drawing the public in, as if they were experiencing behind the scenes at the museum where objects are preserved, restored and catalogued.

The exhibition offers two routes: the first one is intended to provide thematic learning and allows the visitor to see the works through interactive pull-out drawers, reliquaries and video projections.

The second route illustrates the values of the Vatican’s Ethnological Museum through its history, the vastness of its collections and the people who look after them every day.

It is a story focused on humanity, which can generate a community founded on respect for cultural diversity and appreciation for the artisanal and religious heritage of different peoples.

The exhibition has a modular structure that is fitted and easily transportable.

Exhibition facts
Traveling Exhibition Period 3-6 months
Space required and ceiling height A modular structure that is fitted and easily transportable
Installation Under supervision by Simmetrico
Integrated digital strategy Multichannel solutions in the Pre Event; involvement of the public during the exhibition with the integration of interactive contents and web and mobile applications to create a durable community with the users.
Support Materials Strategic marketing and promotional plans, catalog, merchandising, educational activities guide
Costs For information write to