In November, Simmetrico Inc was in Las Vegas to take part in Event Tech, a three-day event offering an intensive program of seminars and practical demonstrations of cutting-edge technologies related to the world of event management that help enhance the experience by engaging participants in sharing via social networks.

Event Tech confirmed and highlighted the strongest trends of the moment: sharing experiences, increased use of digital content and, therefore, increased use of mobile apps that allow participants to share their experience on social networks and stay informed about what happens during the event. Under the motto “Sharing is Caring”, participants at the beginning of each event were invited to turn on their phones to share the experience and their thoughts about what they were listening to with their followers.

The audience is no longer passive; instead, it is an interactive audience that tweets, posts and shares the message. Each event had its own hashtag, which allowed the organizers to track it on social networks so as to understand its effectiveness and gauge the degree of interest.