The production and set up involved 90 people to transform the central hall in an unexpected dome. This event was followed by Simmetrico from the the concept ideation to the design, from executive production to direction.

The foyer became a sort of flowered tunnel made of ivy-clad and roses archways. Specific light effects recreated an immersive walk-in environment.

The central hall revealed to the guests with a 450sqm light projected convex surface, developed on central elliptical dome 26x17mt wide and 8.60mt high. The dome was enlighted by several custom scenes made by gobo projections, recreating dreamy scenarios like constellations, flowers, graphic patterns, leaves, decors and the spouses logo.

Ten international artists performed on stage, set with a main projection surface (850xh350cm) and a motorized LED screen (700xh500cm) to show the video contents. Two projection surfaces (250xh400cm) completed the proscenium set up.
Simmetrico also conceived and produced the videos shown on the circular side walls: eight projection surfaces (200xh400cm) embedded in curved walls, emphasized by printed tulle graphics and bougainvillea branches. To make the event more distinctive, Simmetrico conceived and produced original soundtracks.

Florists team set 850mt of fresh flowers and plants decorations, 114 tons of roses of different varieties and 15 tons of hydrangeas, including decorations made with bougainvillea, lemon trees, ivy and fern plants.