Digital Event

2 June 2020,
Baku (Azerbaijan) and Milan (Italy)

Simmetrico Digital conceived, designed and created the first digital event for the Italian Embassy in Azerbaijan.

LItalia che Riparte was an unprecedented way to celebrate the 74th anniversary of the Italian Republic Day together, sharing stories of Italians who didn’t stop moving forward during the pandemic, making their talents and passion available for the service of others.

The digital event allowed the Italian Embassy in Azerbaijan to celebrate an institutional anniversarywidening the event audiencesurveying the data of connected people in real time and creating opportunities for pre and post-event communication.

Special guests contributed with live feeds during the event: the world-famous chef Carlo Cracco, the fashion entrepreneur Brunello Cuccinelli, the physician Massimo Temporelli, and the doctor Amedeo Capetti.

The first digital event carrying the Simmetrico Digital signature connected the audience beyond the screen and made them live an authentic, sensory, human digital experience.

Technological solutions by Synesthesia