“Ideas are powerful when they are shared, when they are listened to”

by Daniele Zambelli
Founder, President and Creative Director of Simmetrico Network


Sharing is not only the new consumer economy model, it is also an alternative way of working, of giving, of travelling, of learning, of being together. And thus, a new way of thinking.

The concept of the Sharing Economy comprises various aspects that, by responding to emerging needs, offers real growth opportunities. Co-working means spaces where innovation, collaboration, the economy, work and ideas are not mere words, but where things really happen, as tangible as the crowdfunding projects that have found their winning ticket in active public participation.

The growing need to network with businesses and institutions in more collaborative, less hierarchical ways is being met by numerous startup companies that open up new scenarios of interaction.

Those who are in charge of organizing events and handling communication must redefine the conceptual approach to their work.

They must continue to invest in content as the raw material for the narrative stories they seek to bring to the world, but they must also embrace change and continued innovation with the knowledge that nowadays no event can be organized without a digital platform that spontaneously and actively prompts the users to access wider content using new media.

It is the digital dimension that determines and measures the success of the overall event.

The Expo Milano 2015 exhibition has given us the opportunity to participate in a large-scale project aiming to unite countries and cultures. I am not just talking of culture in the classical sense, or of culture as tradition, but also of culture as innovation, as the human capacity for development, for entrepreneurship, for maximizing the value of the land, serving as a true pillar of the national economy. These were the themes that have guided us in identifying the core values, and thus in defining the narrative of the Azerbaijan Pavillion, the “Jewel of the Expo”, as it was promptly christened by the media. It was designed and implemented, from the basics down to the last bit of content, by the Simmetrico network, bringing together creative talent, technology and digital strategy experts, architects and engineers in the same workgroup. It has been visited by more than two million people.

This creative force, with its capacity to manage complex systems where integrated and multidisciplinary creative and management resources form the basis for designing successful products, also works for Simmetrico in USA, China and Middle Eastern and African markets.