Il 10 Maggio 2021 Simmetrico network ha vinto una gara internazionale per la costruzione della nuova Moschea di Shusha in Azerbaijan.

Il progetto è firmato da Simmetrico Architettura, nuova divisione di Simmetrico che porta la sua vocazione di Story-teller ed Experience Designers nel mondo dell’architettura.

L’idea, la progettazione e lo sviluppo, vedono come progettisti Daniele Zambelli, Fondatore, CEO e Direttore Creativo di Simmetrico e Francesco Giordano, con il contributo del gruppo di design coordinato da Andrea Fiorito e la redazione dei contenuti coordinata da Celeste Sergianno.

La settimana scorsa è stata quindi posata la prima pietra della nuova moschea, momento simbolico per dare inizio alla ricostruzione della città, dopo la vittoria dell’Azerbaigian nel conflitto Nagorno-Karabakh.

Russian Copper Company Pavilion wins at BEA World for the second consecutive year

Russian Copper Company Pavilion, a project realised by Simmetrico with Ilogic as a General Contractor and Surveyor for the international fair Innoprom 2019, wins once again at BEA World Festival in the category Best Use of Technology.

The international jury recognized Simmetrico’s ability to bring the public closer to the history and the values of Russian Copper Company, which celebrated its 15th anniversary, with a seamless integration of technologies, design and storytelling.

In addition to the design and construction of the pavilion, Simmetrico was also in charge of the visitor experience and contents development & production. The creative concept The Future is Getting Closer took form of a “future accelerator”, which became an iconic place of the entire show.

BEA Italia 2019: Lifetime Achievement Award Goes To Daniele Zambelli

Simmetrico Founder, CEO and Creative Director Daniele Zambelli has been awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award at Best Event Awards Italia 2019. The ceremony took place at The Mall, new district in Porta Nuova in Milan, as part of Live Communication Week, an initiative by ADC Group which brought together events and marketing professionals to celebrate the best events over the past year.

The award is a recognition to a “personality who has been able to play a leading role and stimulate the cultural and economic growth of the world of events.” In the past, the prize was awarded to: Marco Balich, David Zard, Alfredo Accatino and Riccardo Cioni.

After accepting the award, Daniele Zambelli commented: “When I heard about the award, I had a series of flashbacks on the past two decades of my work. But as I started recollecting on those adventures, I realised that it wasn’t the sets, or the projects, that remained imprinted in my mind, but the faces of all the people I collaborated with. Working in this complex activity, one can even possess a great talent, but without the talent of the others it is impossible to deliver a good project.”

“La Meccanica delle Emozioni”: Best B2B Event of the year

Conceived and realized by Simmetrico, the international media drive event of Alfa Romeo Giulia and Giulia Quadrifoglio “La Meccanica delle Emozioni” is “Best B2B Event” of the year and won the second place in the category “Product/Service Launch Event” at EuBea – The international festival of events and live communication.




An award-winning week end to Simmetrico at BEA – the Italian Festival of Events and Live Communication: the media drive event “La Meccanica delle Emozioni” conceived and realised for Alfa Romeo Giulia and Giulia Quadrifoglio took first place as BEST B2B EVENT and won the second place as BEST INNOVATION TECHNOLOGY with the bracalet which registered the journalists’ emotions during the test drive. #staycreative #staytuned






The Azerbaijani Embassy in Italy organized the meeting “Italy-Azerbaijan, together for the future.” The event has been intended to bring together all those in recent years have offered their expertise to strengthen the relations between Italy and Azerbaijan, projecting challenges and successes in the future.

Daniele Zambelli, the Founder, President and Creative Director at Simmetrico Network has received the award for the Azerbaijani pavilion at Expo Milano 2015, which has successfully presented the country in the Expo strengthened the relations between the two countries.