Turin 2021

Simmetrico has designed and built an interactive and immersive meeting room that reflects Planet Smart City’s attitude to anticipate the future. In terms of implemented technologies and experience, the space is developed as a meeting and exchange point, a space for collaboration, and a library of smart solutions developed by Planet.

The center of the room is an interactive table that acts as a tool through which Planet’s work and projects can be described. Simmetrico has carried out a study of the company’s approach to communication, intending to create effective and incisive storytelling, making Planet’s wide and complex offer speech support that allows the full potential of the interactive table to be exploited.

The table also features a cube-selector, through which its content can be managed. Its uniqueness? It is printed using the unique stereolithography technique. Thanks to this solution, the cube is conductive and allows the presenter to tell the story of PLANET Smart City by simply placing one of its six faces on the table. Each side of the cube opens up to a scenario and introduces a PLANET theme: the company profile, its business units, smart solutions, and, finally, the stories of the smart city residents.