“At the birth of the planet the most beautiful encounter between land and sea must have been on the Montenegrin coast”. This quote by Lord Byron guided Simmetrico team while adapting and creating the final design, conceiving the design experience, developing and producing the multimedia contents and technologies, up to the complete realization of the Montenegrin pavilion “Blessed by Nature”.

The narration imagined by Simmetrico takes place in a tiny, enveloping, and immersive space showcasing Montenegrin unspoiled stunning nature and breathtaking natural wonders.

Here a sneak peek of the main installations visitors will encounter while visiting the Pavilion:

«Virtual Forest» is the main installation of this pavilion and is present throughout the exhibition. The concept is inspired by one of the country’s main attractions: the Biogradska Gora National Park. Our team reproduced the «breath» of the forest by designing 184 bright plexiglass trees. Two different heights, a double layer of milling, and skillful use of lights to create the rhythm and dynamism of this full immersion experience.

«Land of Unexpected Wonders» is an interactive wall offering visitors the opportunity to explore the primates that make Montenegro unique, such as the TaraCanyon, the deepest canyon in Europe.

«Beauties of Montenegro» is the Pavilion‘s central installation showcasing the extraordinary wild natural beauty and different landscapes of Montenegro. An immersive and integrated experience with the fairy digital forest unwinding throughout the pavilion: images on the wall screen are combined with sounds and lights of the forest recreating the phases of the day and the noises of nature.

«Natural Treasures» presents Montenegrin biodiversity as one of the main treasures of this wild land. The installation is an interactive stylized Montenegrin landscape composed by colored plexiglass layers that visitors can pull up as vertical drawers to discover infographics about iconic natural elements of the country’s flora and fauna.





Client: Government of Montenegro (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Economic Development)

President of the Organizational Committee for organization of Montenegro’s participation at Expo 2020 Dubai: Jakov Milatovic, Minister of Economic Development

Main contractor: Simmetrico



Commissioner General: Prince Nicholas Petrovic-Njegos

Deputy Commissioner General: Jelena Jankovic-Kostic

Pavilion Director: Milena Pejovic-Erakovic

Content Cooridinators: Drazenka Laketic, Jovana Krunic, Ivona Savicevic, Svetlana Stijepovic, Marko Savkovic

Content Providers: Gavrilo Knezevic, Faro Nimanbegu, Gezim Mavric, Edin Zukovic, Ilija Perić, Ranko Maras, Air Montenegro, Porto Montenegro, Pljevlja Municipality, Lustica Bay, Kolasin 1600 and Kolasin 1450, Maljevik Bay (provided by Sonja Radovic Jelovac), Tivat Airport, Mtel, Telenor, Terna, Trebjesa Brewery, Spanjola Fortress



Head of Project: Daniele Zambelli

Executive Manager: Francesca Tirotti

Project Manager: Giulia Guarisco

Head of Exhibition Design Team: Andrea Fiorito,

Experience Design Coordinator: Devis Gobbi

Art Director: Eleonora Valsecchi

Graphic Designer: Elsa Cumar, Debora Murino, Elyas Arayess, Nicola Neri

Exhibition Designer: Lucrezia Montalboddi

Fit-out Manager: Stefano Ferrè

AVL Technical Director: Filippo Nepote Andrè

Content Director: Celeste Sergianno

Content Manager: Francesca Radaelli

Copy and Arabic translator: Mai Eldahan

Production Manager: Elvis Dsouza

Health and Safety Officer: Fidelis Mbutu

Logistics Manager: Matteo Paparella

Finance Managers: Gregorio Gaudenzi, Carolyn Loreto, Roberta Valloggia



Concept Design: Massiv

Concept Design interpretation: Simmetrico

Final Design: Simmetrico, Designdirect

Architect of Record: A2Z Architectural

Experience Design and storytelling: Andrea Fiorito, Eleonora Valsecchi, Devis Gobbi, Lucrezia Montalboddi, Stefano Ferrè, Celeste Sergianno, Francesca Radaelli



Fit-out contractor: Carli Produzioni

Local fit-out contractor: Fair Platz

AVL service: Giochi di Luce

Video content: Michele David, Bonsaininja, Studio Yet

Software and Video Engineering: Videosoft

Light design: M2L

Light programming: Marco Made De Nardi, Giovanni Porcaro

Sound Design: Painè Cuadrelli

Sound Engineering: Davide Bonotto