Thursday, July 9th at the Milan Expo 2015 will take place on  National Day of Azerbaijan. The Country that is very attentive to the enhancement of its cultural identity but at the same time it’s open to innovation, will celebrates his first participation in a World Exposition.

It’s expected a program of shows, music, traditional dances that will open at 18.30 with the First Lady of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Mme Mehriban Aliyeva,official welcome speech, and it will continue at 18.45 with the Chamber Orchestra of the Azerbaijan State concert in the great Hall of the Auditorium.
The exibition of the national traditional dancers will took place at 18.45 in the Decumanus, on the opposite of the Pavilion of Azerbaijan, and at the end of the show you will able to taste all the typical organic products culitvated in the Country and Its national recipes in delicious buffet-cocktail in the Pavilion.


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