December 14, 2020
Teatro Grande, Brescia (Italy)

This year Confindustria Brescia has chosen SIMMETRICO for the realization of the 2020 general meeting.

The event took place at the Teatro Grande, a national monument and historical symbol of the city of Brescia, chosen for the evocative value of the restart in the name of culture.

The focus of the assembly has been on three key words: SOLIDARITY | COMMITMENT | PRIDE.

Three values ​​that encompass the whole spirit of Brescia, that represent the best possible response to a complex year and that have allowed the citizens of Brescia to overcome the coronavirus emergency.

The event was held in the presence of Giuseppe Pasini, President of Confindustria Brescia, the Minister for European Affairs Vincenzo Amendola, the Minister of Economic Development Stefano Patuanelli, and the President of Confindustria Carlo Bonomi.

For the first time, thanks to live-streaming and live coverage on Teletutto, all citizens has been involved, first retracing the difficult months of lockdown and subsequently the direct commitment of the doctors, nurses and associations of Brescia was recognized, ending with a short awards ceremony.

To emphasize the importance of the place, SIMMETRICO has developed a scenographic project aimed at enhancing the importance of the place, overturning the point of view on the theater, used as a natural background during the event. Through the use of a tulle screen the scenery was enriched with graphic elements that enhanced the key values ​​during the speech of the President and the mayors.


July 11, 2019
Mediolanum Forum, Milan (Italy)

This year DELOITTE has chosen Simmetrico for the creative development, design and production of its annual D-Event, the international convention that unites employees from Italy, Greece and Malta. Under the motto “A million gazes. One future.”, the event celebrates the results, handover moment between the outgoing CEO and the newly appointed CEO of the Italian Branch.

The shape of a “dot” becomes the characteristic element of the whole scenography through the set up of a large projection screen of 70×6.5 mt to which is added a circular screen of 12mt diameter. 45 hanging mirrors give life to a game of lights and reflections that engage the whole audience, in the suggestive scenario of the Mediolanum Forum.

The night opens with a dazzling LED show, where 8 performers’ silhouettes appear on stage, lightening the opening with the special dance choreography and uniting the emotions since the very beginning.

Host for the evening Alessandro Cattelan, a master of ceremony of exception, who presides over the audience of 4,800 people, which are in double satellite connection with Malta and Greece colleagues, reaching a total of 6,000 people both online and offline.

The event spectacularly ends with the tailor-made Musical Think Tank U and the DJ set.

FCA Capital Markets Days 2018

Milano, Balocco (Italy)
1 and 5-7 June, 2018

The Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ Chief Executive Officer Sergio Marchionne together with members of the Executive Management presented the Group’s 2018 – 2022 Business Plan to financial analysts and institutional investors at Balocco (Italy) on June 1, 2018.

Simmetrico’s ability to handle complex systems results in our involvement in FCA Capital Markets Days 2018. We managed all the suppliers involved in the event, supervising the content production and set-up, ensuring the high level of services to guests, coordinating the activities to realize the international press conference at the end of the conference.

Following this activities, we closely work with the FCA’s team to completely re-design with a new set-up the same location, with a new stage design and communication, to host the Dealers Meeting JEEP and the activities dedicated to the Fleet & Business FCA from the 5 to the 7 of June, 2018.


May 30, 2017
Palazzo delle Scintille, Milan (Italy)

To celebrate its 60th anniversary of professional services in Italy, KPMG chose Simmetrico and the creative proposal “The Place to Be”. Our concept was of a place bursting with energy, able to anticipate change and ready to welcome people and talent; a place that values differences and generates the kind of opportunities that we are all looking for. This place is KPMG: “The Place to Be”. This was the first event to bring together the entire KPMG network in Italy and was held at the Palazzo delle Scintille in Milan.

Over four months, Simmetrico handled the design and production of the whole event with a team of over 200 people. Guests were greeted by a 50-metre graphic gateway and 2×20 metre letters declaring this “The Place to Be”. The event covered a space of 8000 m2 and involved 7800 m2 of carpets, 3000 m2 of seating 3 marquees to expand the catering area, and 600 m2 of lounge and backstage rooms.

Real-time accreditation of 4000 people took place without any waiting time thanks to the fully integrated app, specially created for the occasion, which also communicated with participants in the build-up to the event through push notifications.

The set design included a 40×15 m multi-level set that was entirely suspended and provided the backdrop to a video mapping sequence made with 40 projectors and 250 light fixtures for a total projected area of ​​over 1000 m2. The event saw the production of 50 original videos, 6 live cameras followed the entire event and a 100,000-watt audio system.

Host for the evening Alessandro Cattelan presided over a busy programme, inviting 11 exceptional speakers to the stage: KMPG management, four testimonials for the 4 network values, and guests to talk about innovation, technology and leadership. The evening came to an end with a fantastic concert from Funk Off’s funky march band first with Italian singer Elisa as a surprise grand finale.

The event received full coverage on social media with a 5-hour live stream on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and the dedicated hashtag #theplacetobe. The KPMG Italy Instagram profile was activated for the occasion with 5 hours of live-upload.



Arese, Milan, Italy
2 December 2017

Alfa Romeo once again has chosen Simmetrico to announce the return to F1.

The network, based in Milan, organized the set up and the audio-video production to unveil the new car in World Premiere during the press conference.

The CEO of FCA, Mr. Sergio Marchionne, revealed the news of the strategic, commercial and technological agreement between Alfa Romeo and Sauber F1. The location of the event was the historical Alfa Romeo Museum in Arese, where Simmetrico accompanied the launch of the Giulia Quadrifoglio with a narrative based on the brand values.


The production and set up involved 90 people to transform the central hall in an unexpected dome. This event was followed by Simmetrico from the the concept ideation to the design, from executive production to direction.

The foyer became a sort of flowered tunnel made of ivy-clad and roses archways. Specific light effects recreated an immersive walk-in environment.

The central hall revealed to the guests with a 450sqm light projected convex surface, developed on central elliptical dome 26x17mt wide and 8.60mt high. The dome was enlighted by several custom scenes made by gobo projections, recreating dreamy scenarios like constellations, flowers, graphic patterns, leaves, decors and the spouses logo.

Ten international artists performed on stage, set with a main projection surface (850xh350cm) and a motorized LED screen (700xh500cm) to show the video contents. Two projection surfaces (250xh400cm) completed the proscenium set up.
Simmetrico also conceived and produced the videos shown on the circular side walls: eight projection surfaces (200xh400cm) embedded in curved walls, emphasized by printed tulle graphics and bougainvillea branches. To make the event more distinctive, Simmetrico conceived and produced original soundtracks.

Florists team set 850mt of fresh flowers and plants decorations, 114 tons of roses of different varieties and 15 tons of hydrangeas, including decorations made with bougainvillea, lemon trees, ivy and fern plants.


Balocco, Turin (Italy)
th 21st May 2016

After “An Italian creation”, the launch event for the world premiere of Alfa Romeo Giulia on June 2015, awarded by EuBEA Festival and by the Experience Design Awards USA, Simmetrico won the tender for the International media drive of Giulia and Giulia Quadrifoglio.

Alfa Romeo wanted to emphasise and reaffirm the values that inspired the conception and design of Giulia and Giulia Quadrifoglio: to create cars able to put human being and emotions at the center.

Simmetrico followed the design, construction and management of the first international test drive, proposing an event subverting the traditional test-drive structure. The journalists enjoyed, in fact, the test drive before and after the press conference thanks to the interaction with the project team.

The event started with a gala dinner at the Oleggio Castle. A video-mapping on the tables, with light and depth effects, told the aesthetics of the vehicle linking it with the brand values.

The following day the test drive was held at Balocco, the headquarters of the FCA group Experimental Centre. Inside the grandstand on the circuit, a big LED screen (5 x 3 m) and ten monitors of 55’ distributed on the bleachers for journalists created an immersive atmosphere of expectation.

The opening video of the event was designed as a press review. It showed quick succession of video excerpts and interviews taken from international presentations about Giulia and Giulia Quadrifoglio of the last year.

This visual dynamism effect was enhanced by the multivision screens on the bleachers and on stage. The end of the video, culminated with the arrival of the car on scene, accompanied by the roar of ten other Alfa Romeo Giulia on track.

After a brief welcome, the journalists started the media drive, alongside professional riders, for a real hot lap.

For the test every journalist wore a special bracelet, used today by many of the world’s most famous research centres and by NASA, to detect the electrical activity of the skin, the blood pressure and heart rate then to relate the emotions of people with the car’s telemetry.

Besides data It was also shooted the faces of journalists with a go-pro cameras installed on board.

Everything, data and video, were elaborated in real time and transmitted on the screen with split screen effect where every journalist could meet again soon after their trail ride.

At the end of the event to every journalist was delivered a USB stick containing a video file in which, on one screen, the emotional data, the performance of the car on the track and the resumption of the cameras go -pro were associated with the recording of the round,

The event demonstrated how “The mechanics of emotions” is not just the payoff of a brand but a tangible reality, an experience that can test all drivers on board an Alfa Romeo.


BEA – The Italian Festival of Events and Live Communication:

EuBea – The international festival of events and live communication:


Centro Stile Fiat, Turin (Italy)
2 – 6 May 2016

Two press conferences and two media drive into a single event, repeated six times, dedicated to a large audience of international journalists: this was the occasion for the media drive event dedicated to the entire range of the new Fiat Tipo and “Fullback” the pick-up by Fiat Professional. 

A week of presentations followed by Simmetrico that was in charge of the design, the set-up, the development of contents and the direction of the event, adapting the creative idea to the different features and personalities of the two cars: “Upgrade to TIPO” for TIPO and “Ready for new Roads” for Fullback.

The two media drive were hosted in the historical “Officine 81” at Centro Stile Fiat, Turin. The press conference was design like an immersive area into the great industrial complex: a wide central LED screen (8,16×3,5 mt)  shown the video contents and the speeches support while the huge walls on both side (52×4,5 mt) were video-projected with dedicated setting related to the products.

During the reveal the large kabuki walls, on the both side of the screen, falled down to create an unexpected surprise effect: the prerspective opened up the huge area of Officina 81, the same where FIAT manufactured the fist TIPO, that now hosts the new models.