Simmetrico has conceived, designed, and is currently building the Azerbaijan Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai.

Seeds for the Future: this title clearly explains the key message behind the project, that is, the awareness that only by investing in the future now can people secure a sustainable tomorrow.   We designed a structure that is as transparent as a leaf but as solid as a tree. These shapes are not only symbolic but functional too. The leaf is a tensile structure that generates a microclimate that absorbs little energy. The large trunk is the fulcrum around which the spaces develop vertically and horizontally.  
The exhibition involves visitors with stories and reflections on our future. Case studies will teach visitors about a country that has managed to make great strides during its young history. Azerbaijan has faced global challenges such as safeguarding and improving the environment, diversifying the economy and investing in human capital and sustainable development.  
On several occasions, these challenges were met by introducing avant-garde visions, which represent the “seeds of the future” and precious opportunities for reflection in the Expo context.

Client: Republic of Azerbaijan
Main Contractor: Simmetrico


From an idea by: Daniele Zambelli, Simmetrico
Initial sketches: Andrea Fiorito and Alessandro Pongan, Simmetrico

Head of Project: Daniele Zambelli, Simmetrico
Project Manager: Luigi Vittorio Ferrari, Simmetrico
Deputy Project Manager: Valeria Pallotta, Simmetrico
Exhibition Project Manager: Gaia Dall’Omo, Simmetrico
Head of Design: Andrea Fiorito, Simmetrico
Head of Architecture: Francesco Giordano, iDeas
Integrated Design Engineering: SCE Project
Construction Manager: Maurizio Burragato, SCE
in collaboration with Luigi Vittorio Ferrari, Simmetrico and Francesco Giordano, iDeas
Art Directors: Devis Gobbi, Eleonora Valsecchi, Simmetrico
Exhibition Designers: Stefano Ferrè, Lucrezia Montalboddi, Simmetrico
Content Manager: Celeste Sergianno, Simmetrico
Author: Eugenio Alberti, Simmetrico
Technical Director: Filippo Nepote Andrè, Simmetrico
Light Designer: Leo Megna, Luxive


Creative Direction and Supervision: Simmetrico
Creative Project: Simmetrico
Architectural Design: Simmetrico in collaboration with iDeas
Integrated Design, Project Management and Construction:
Simmetrico in collaboration with SCE Project and iDeas
Engineering Developing: SCE Project
MEP Design: SCE Project
Landscape Engineering and Design: South Landscape Consultants
Architect of Record and H&S Manager: A2Z
Supplier of ETFE: Maco Technology
Supplier of Wood Elements: Rubner
Supplier of Technologies and Custom Solutions Engineering: Unitech Digital Media Srl

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